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Girl hypno orgasm

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My favorite file so far, I think.

I'm not bashing anyone who enjoys it, but being possessed and turned into a cockslut. Sunny leone lesbian act. Of course, your feelings can change over time.

Girl hypno orgasm

Oh gosh darn it! I tried some of them and maybe I'm doing something wrong but the horrible cacophony of noise doesn't do anything except bore me and keep me vividly awake. Late into the session my hands started moving on their own, which—outside of of some "your hand is floating away" basic stuff—I'd never had happen before.

Their stuff really does work. Girl hypno orgasm. Thank you Anon, really appreciate it! I just hope the site leadership will reconsider how long this rule must remain so. You aren't supposed to share those. Is it even a K31 file and why are you gusy treating it as if it has some sort of legemdary status. I get it why I was banned for a few.

Magic Spell Compulsion for science. For file and post deletion. I couldn't believe it. Lesbian pussy licking sex videos. Not convinced the creator knows what they're doing. Please I need them!

Hey, thanks for trying. This helps discussion by making it difficult to build a reputation, good or bad. I didn't expect that, especially post hypnotic. Do not bump you can also write sage in the email field Spoiler images this replaces the thumbnails of your images with question marks.

There's so much junk in them that my mind just ignores. Like walk like a girl, cross legs, stuff like that. Frankly I wouldn't mind liking dicks as long as it doesn't also involve liking men. Anyone else had a similar experience? Sometimes I jump out of trance because I think I'm going to get butt raped by some ghost girl. I have a couple questions.

Please share Good Girl: You know I've listened to a bunch of K31s stuff and I always find myself thinking, why the fuck am I doing this to myself? Anyone that can up some other demon girl stuff? Please can someone share:

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Hey does anyone have Mind Virus: I'm even sometimes down for that if I'm opting in. Escort agency west midlands. I would suggest those who cannot get deep with the files to listen to a induction or deepener before the file plays.

I recommend that you read more about this way of doing things, as it is very important to imageboards in general.

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I'm going to binge play some of these. Do not bump you can also write sage in the email field Spoiler images this replaces the thumbnails of your images with question marks. Can someone share any of the Good Girl files? You can only see what you are, not what you could be if things were different. I agree, they're mostly annoying noises, no attempt at an induction, and generally pretty vague and indirect suggestions that I can't see causing the advertised effects.

First its turning my dick and balls into a pussy then its my asshole. Girl hypno orgasm. That may be the problem? Anytime, would appreciate Spirit Girl: Why the fuck does all the shit that works the best for me gotta be tryin' to make me suck dicks IRL god dammit. Recently i reached a new level of femininity while using drugs and fapping to hypno the whole weekend. Pretending to be a girl may be more fun than you've ever had, because you stopped pretending to be something else. Www black girl sexy com. Is it as fucked up as it says?

Also squirming and worried about shit I might be subconsciously doing outside of trance. It was I that was banned. Try putting an induction file of your choice before the Kei file, and see how that works. But I couldn't recreate those experiences the second time listening. That sounds like … a little too much.

I know it's not KEI but I lost my stella files and was wondering if anyone had the feminixzer part 1 and 2 by stella. Is there any documentation on all the files that were posted 3 days ago? Does someone know the list of effects from listening to these two free files she recently released?

Seems to be a strong, crazy and dangerous file but whatever. As random people all posting under the same name you are not promoting a place that is free of discrimination either. It's like why the hell does it turn me on? Not sure will post and compare it, if someone wants to trade.

Thank you for abiding by the rules and being reasonable in that regard even though you disagree with them.

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For me there is no need for silly penises in feminization files. Xxx mouth fuck. Unfortunately most of the free files on youtube never get described there. For a while now I have ensured anything from content producers entrancement uk etc. It's still your choice, from beginning to end, of course. People routinely say or do things on the net they would never do in real life. In trance, and when i jack off, i can feel the sensations of having a wet pussy, and when i cum it's with my pussy - and the pleasure i feel in my dick is kinda different.

A lot of people got really fucked up by her demon girl mind fuck files but they personally didn't affect me. Lesbians react to lesbian porn Thx for spirit girl tf, heres the hentai girl tentacle impregnation file as a trade for the spirit girl indoctrination file or path to femininity 2 if anyone has it https: I thought this sort of thing was just a meme fetish thing and not something an audio file could actually do.

I've listened to files like this before, and I haven't sucked a dick. It was quite intense for sure…. Girl hypno orgasm. Just pretend she's talking about your asshole, it's that easy! I have placed it in the free-for-all.

There was less love for dancing suggestions which are my favourites!

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